Identifying a real Damier Louis Vuitton Bag!

12 Feb

Well, it’s been years since the last time I’ve posted something and I really missed my blog!Between us I’m almost sure that I’m the only person who reads it but anyway I’m back (lol) and I’ve learned how to identify a real Damier LV bag.

Last Wednesday I bought my Speedy 35 Damier, which I think will be and my last Louis Vuitton purse since my country is due to bankruptcy….

So here’s what I’ve learned:

Rule no1

As in the ones with the monogram the purses must be made by one unbroken piece of leather or canvas.

Rule no2

Since they are made by one single piece the boxes with the Louis Vuitton Paris symbol are always  upside down.

Rule no3

The blocks which say  Louis Vuitton Paris must not cut off.

rule no4

The last but most important rule says that there must be 9 boxes horizontical and vertical between the boxes which say Louis Vuitton Paris ( 4 dark and 5 light).

Anything else is fake.And remember to shop only from authorized boutiques all over the world!


How to identify an authentic Louis Vuitton Monogram!

3 Jan

5 simple rules to identify an authentic Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas  : 

  • Louis Vuitton never covers the handle of the purses with paper or plastic.
  • The leather details should be a pinkish-flesh colour when they are new and a light, honey brown as time passes by.
  • Most of the authentic Louis Vuitton purses are made from one single, unbroken piece of leather or canvas.
  • The monogram symbols should be upside down.
  • “LV” monogram symbols are never cut off.