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Bershka Ring

20 Feb

I’m not a big fan of bershka’s collections but when I saw this ring I thought that I had to buy it!


Identifying a real Damier Louis Vuitton Bag!

12 Feb

Well, it’s been years since the last time I’ve posted something and I really missed my blog!Between us I’m almost sure that I’m the only person who reads it but anyway I’m back (lol) and I’ve learned how to identify a real Damier LV bag.

Last Wednesday I bought my Speedy 35 Damier, which I think will be and my last Louis Vuitton purse since my country is due to bankruptcy….

So here’s what I’ve learned:

Rule no1

As in the ones with the monogram the purses must be made by one unbroken piece of leather or canvas.

Rule no2

Since they are made by one single piece the boxes with the Louis Vuitton Paris symbol are always  upside down.

Rule no3

The blocks which say  Louis Vuitton Paris must not cut off.

rule no4

The last but most important rule says that there must be 9 boxes horizontical and vertical between the boxes which say Louis Vuitton Paris ( 4 dark and 5 light).

Anything else is fake.And remember to shop only from authorized boutiques all over the world!


4 Jan

My newest addiction is the 21 rivoli lipstick by Coco Chanel. It’s not only its color but also the fact that it moisturizes the lips so well, that made me love it! I saw a friend of mine wearing it and I loved it instantly! Her hair is dark brown and mine is blonde and it looks so good in both of us. As for the price I think it’s worth the money because it’s such a good product…Believe me!!! (lol)

How to identify an authentic Louis Vuitton Monogram!

3 Jan

5 simple rules to identify an authentic Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas  : 

  • Louis Vuitton never covers the handle of the purses with paper or plastic.
  • The leather details should be a pinkish-flesh colour when they are new and a light, honey brown as time passes by.
  • Most of the authentic Louis Vuitton purses are made from one single, unbroken piece of leather or canvas.
  • The monogram symbols should be upside down.
  • “LV” monogram symbols are never cut off.

Same wish every year?

2 Jan

Every year I used to make the same wish( to get thinner) but not this year, because I am thinner than I used to be in the past 5 years and more…

I lost exactly 12 kilos since last February and I swear I am not on a diet! How did I achieve this? I’ ll tell you something cliche but true…everything depends on your psychology. It is hard to believe it but when you do, you have passed the first big step! Tell yourself that you want to lose some kilos or pounds etc. but you don’t have to hurry.You do it for yourself in order to feel better and for nobody else…

Then I followed a tip I had seen in an american comedy and I started to wear tight clothes. As a matter of fact I couldn’t eat that much. I preferred a pair of tight jeans and a loose sweater or t-shirt, so I didn’t feel bad about my appearance.

I lost the 5 first kilos easily in a month by reducing  small things from my everyday diet. For example if I ate 4 slices of bread every day I started eating 2 or 3. But I did that in everything not only in chocolate, beverages and other snacks. I even reduced the quantity of salads and soups! When I felt hungry I drank green tea or I chewed gums…It might seems silly but it really helps.

After the first 5 kilos it became more difficult but I never felt lack of anything and that’s the most important. Eat whatever you want in moderation. And remember that the more kilos you lose the more difficult it becomes…

I also started to walk 1 and a half hours at least 3 times a week. That helped my metabolism and also made me more fit and more confident!

Last but not least at all, if sometimes you go out of your program don’t panic! Speak to yourself again, think that you enjoyed the food and continue from where you have stopped. Especially, now after the Christmas Holidays this advice seems very helpful and I am going to follow it… Good luck if you try it too!

xoxo Fouxia